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Nur Ashour, A Muslim Woman, Was Harassed At Starbucks After Wearing Hijab


Every human has a right to choose one’s religion. We all deserve our freedom to choose. Being different from the rest, does not mean others should discriminate.

Nur Ashour tweeted that she was verbally attacked by a person at Starbucks, however not a single person came to help her.

Nur was with her two children. A 3-year-old and an 8-month old infant when she was the verbally attacked by another woman for wearing a Hijab.

She said the altercation started after she accidentally bumped into the other woman while in the line. The woman then allegedly began yelling at Ashour, as well as throwing coffee cup sleeves and following her out the building.

She had to leave immediately for she feared the safety of her family. She then explained to her 3-year-old child that people could hate so much because of their religion or the way they dress.

“This is such a small thing compared to the hatred other Muslims experience on a daily basis. America, do better.” She added.

”After I ran out I found a security officer and yelled for help. He approached me and then she went up to him and said, “ I don’t know what her problem is, she threw stuff at my face.” It’s on camera. Obviously racist. Obviously a liar. It was a scene. I was terrified and crying.” Nur Ashour tweeted.

“One man standing next to me inside apologized to me. That’s it. Otherwise, everyone just watched. The @Starbucks employees were aware, yet not one of them came to see if they could help or apologized to me. NOTHING. Sad world we live in.” She wrote.

In a statement to Newsweek, a spokesperson for Starbucks said they have had multiple conversations with Ashour about the alleged incident since her tweets were brought to their attention. They said they could not confirm Ashour’s claims “in terms of specifics.”

“This type of discriminatory behavior is obviously not acceptable in our stores and not welcome. When our partners [employees] see something, they move quickly to address it,” a spokesperson added.

The Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-DFW) is calling on authorities to investigate. They are also asking to contact people with any information for the Starbucks store in question to release the surveillance footage.

CAIR-DFW Legal Director Dontrey Tatum, who is representing Ashour, added to Newsweek, “A complaint was filed but a proper police report was not filed until today [June 18]. My client was more concerned about the safety and well-being of herself and her family, however, we are working with the Dallas Police Department to ensure a full, proper, and thorough investigation.”

“Hate crimes are on the rise throughout the United States, including here in Dallas,” said CAIR-DFW Interim Executive Director Ekram Haque. “Earlier this year at the Dallas Reunion Tower, another American Muslim woman was verbally and physically attacked apparently based on her identity as a Muslim woman.”

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