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Norma Agtarap OFW, Souvenir Can Foods Customs Intercepts, Raffy Tulfo Enraged

Bringing souvenir to love ones, family and friends is a good traditional practice by Filipinos.

Norma Agtarap OFW who brought can foods from abroad as souvenir for her family and love ones but the customs intercepts when arrived at the airport.

The thing idol Raffy Tulfo enraged because there are many of the same kind of can foods available into our grocery stores anywhere in the country. It is unfair practice if for business reason the customs don’t care about but for those poor OFW struggles to bring them for family consumption becomes forbidden.

It’s good to have a man to run into for help like idol Raffy Tulfo. We salute to you idol Raffy and may God bless you more and more.

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