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Jimmy Bondoc Citing ABS-CBN as “The Biggest TV Network Close”

The controversial Facebook post of the “Let Me Be The One” singer Jimmy Bondoc circulating online caught the attention of the netizen as to know what is all about and to what TV network the singer was referring to?

Even if Jimmy did not directly cited what TV network he was referring to his Facebook post but according to PEP.ph news, Jimmy was pointing the ABS-CBN as “the biggest network” he was so excited to see it close down.

Here is the the defying message of Jimmy Bondoc on his Facebook post.

“I am so excited to see the biggest tv network close down.

“This company is a snake pit, where success is based on politics and sexual favors.

“NOBODY dares to talk about it because they either benefit from it, or they would rather not have them as enemies. Read before you judge me.

“ART and CULTURE have been ruined by this network. Our moral fiber as a nation, too. Wide-eyed kids seek dreams and fall in line, not knowing the hell that their lives will be plunged into.

“They have contests where the winners have been pre-determined, or are manipulated to suit the whims of the hidden bosses. 

“Their news is for sale, highest bidder gets the slant. And foreign groups are usually the victors. 

“I AM EAGERLY AWAITING YOUR DEMISE. I know how this sounds. And I know the nasty comments which are bound to come. I don’t care.

“If you think COMELEC is bad, wait until you see the real machinery that is known as ‘the biggest network.’

“This is not schadenfraude. This is hope! This is for real change.

“You have COUNTLESS VICTIMS, from sexual harassment to plain and simple bullying.

“I am so happy that your time has come.”

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Jimmy was maybe quoting the Script Statement of President Rodrigo Duterte that according to report, the president will stop the renewal of the franchise of the ABS-CBN. All started when President Duterte was having a bad experience during his campaign on 2016 presidential election.

Jimmy Bondoc is known as a pop singer with his hist song “Let Me Be The One” and now the Assistant Vice President for Entertainment of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). 

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