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Jimmy Bondoc Answers Back to Angel Locsin

Jimmy Bondoc post about “Biggest TV Network Close” became popular this week as the most talk issue in the online world. His message triggers “The General’s Daughter” Angel Locson to react and posted message expressing her sentiment against the “Let Me Be The One” singer.

It’s really so hot topic online, that in just an hour from the reply message of the actress to Jimmy Bondoc, the singer, and now the Assistant Vice President for Entertainment of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) also reply to the actress.

Here is his message reply to the actress.

Mam Angel,

“1) all due respect to you;

“2) In my opinion, it was not a generalization, but rather a recognition of its existence. However, generalized or not, one case of verified harassment is one too many, personal or not;

“3) It is not about “pagsikat.” It is more about many people who do NOT make it because they do not acquiesce;

“4) I do not believe na “sumikat” po ako, and I think this is beside the point.

“5) Filing a case under Art. 245 or 336 is not an option for most artists who are usually too young to know better. There are social repercussions that a teen or 20-something year old would not be equipped to handle. There is a case filed now, as far as I know, by a more known personality. But the case might not be open for discussion being sub judice.

“To be clear, the post was not meant to apply to the artists or the hapless employees.

“It is about the system, and the consequences of the unwarranted benefits that I BELIEVE this network has received from past administrations.

“But of course, I expected the negative reactions. So be it.”

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What about you? If you have to say something about the issue, you may write them on the comment box below.

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