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Irish Nica San Gabriel Complained Her Husband Having Affair with the Her Sister Janella Gutierrez

The 24-year-old housewife in San Miguel, Bulacan Irish Nica San Gabriel complained her husband who have secret affair with her youngest sister, Janella Gutierrez.

Her husband, Michael San Gabriel, 29-year-old, a mechanic by profession in San Miguel, Bulacan is the subject of complain by his wife, Irish Nica.

Irish come to idol Raffy Tulfo and explain how things were happening.

This is the world of our young generation today, many of the millennial today lost respect and lost good moral and values that they could not feel conscience of doing evil.

As I scanned the threads, most of the comments from the netizen are almost the same shout out of the same word “betrayal by the sister.” But as for me, it cannot be blamed alone to the Janella, because Michael, the husband of Irish Nica is the one acting indecent and provoke her sister by tempting her. Of course both of them are guilty.

Anyway, watch video here to learn all the detail and post your comments on the comment box provide below.

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