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Lester Garate “Board Passer” Wants to Become a Police But PNP Refuses Him

Once I asked a boy what he want to become someday, “a police” the boy replied. Just like a thousand Filipino children who wants to become a policeman someday, Lester Garate works hard to attain his ambitioned to become a policeman. He is the only child in their family who was given a chance to finish his course with the profession of Criminology and he even passed the Board Exam.

He came to the office of “Raffy Tulfo in Action” for help. He told Idol Raffy Tulfo about his ambition to become a police to serve the people and help his poor family with sickly mother.

Lester also narrated to Idol Raffy Tulfo how he worked so hard to earn the degree and passed the Board Examination to qualify for the admission in the PNP. According to the Lester, it’s hard for him to finish the course because his family is hand-to-mouth living. He added that it was due to the opportunity to become a working student she was able to finish the course. But because of the age requirements, all his ambition will come to nothing. He promised once given a chance to be hired, he proves himself to serve with dignity.

Lester really wanted to enter Philippine National Police (PNP) so that he can help his family. But according to Chief Recruitment section DPRM Crame, Police Major Maria Rosario Calusor, height is one of the strict requirement to become a policeman. According to Section 30 of RA 6975, the minimum qualifications for admission in the PNP, men need to be at least 1.62 meters (5’4″) tall and 1.57 meters (5’2″) tall for women. This is the reason why Lester was refused by the PNP for he only had 5’3” and something.

Lester tried to explain his side by saying. “Marami naman po matatas na pulis dyan pero nasasangkot sa mga kalukuhan. Ang height po ba ang basihan upang masabi natin na ang isa po’ng pulis ay magagampanan po ng maayos ang tungkulin?”

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