Raffy Tulfo in Action Episode #Walang Tatalo sa Naghihinagpis Na Ina!

Raffy Tulfo is a public service affairs program that deals with different issues and problems of many Filipinos who needed help. This program gives public service like no other, reaching OFWs abroad who are abused and mistreated by their employer. Here’s another episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action.

The complainant in this episode is named Russel Marabella who wants to take her children from he custody of her ex-live in partner named CPL. Roberto Mangay-ayam Jr. The complainant wants to take her children to her province to live with her relatives in Leyte. According to the law, the custody of the children below 7 years old must be the mother. Since the complainant’s children were q 3 year old and a 2 year old. According to Roberto, the children got sick after Russell borrowed them to have a bonding. The complainant had grudges to Roberto’s family because of the bad things experienced. Both parties have been settled in the Barangay to have an agreement.

For more details, please watch the full video below.

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Credits to video: Raffy Tulfo in Action, Youtube

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