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Police Indequately Supports His Family Because of A Love Affair With A Judge @Raffy Tulfo in Action

Raffy Tulfo in Action gives help to Filipinos who are in need and in trouble. This program gives public service like no other helping the needy and those who needs justice. Raffy Tulfo in Action is hosted by Raffy Tulfo and Niña Taduran. Here’s another episode in Raffy Tulfo in Action.

The complainant in this episode is named Fedauzi and Emma Rose Nor who complains about their Father who does not support their mother inadequately in Financial matters. Capt. Saniden Nor was being interviewed by Mr. Tulfo and stated his side. Recently Capt. Saniden had a love affair with a judge and he spread a fake news that the complainant’s mother had an affair with another guy. For more details, please watch the full video below.

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Credits to video: Raffy Tulfo in Action, Facebook

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