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Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018 Noel Comia Jr. Imitates Frank Sinatra

Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018 is a show were celebrity kids imitate the assigned artists to them. This show is very entertaining because of the performance of different young celebrity artists who imitate various artists assigned to them. Here’s another episode of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.

The performer in this episode is a young artist named Noel Comia Jr. who previously imitated the veteran singer Rico J. Puno and sang the song “Sorry na, pwede ba” that made the audience thrilled because of his handsome appearance. This time, Noel Comia, imitated frank Sinatra singing, Fly Me To the Moon”, were Noel really performed like Frank Sinatra. His gestures, look and voice were very much like Frank that made the viewers admire his performance. For more details, please watch the full video below.

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Credits to video: Your Face Sounds Familiar, Youtube

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