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Full Video of President Duterte Kisses Pinay OFW in South Korea

Another controversial issue courted President Duterte when he kissed Pinay OFW onstage during his visit to the Filipino community in Seoul, South Korea.

After his speech of about 2-hours, Duterte invited any of the women from the audience to receive a copy of a book titled “Altar of Secrets,” which book contains the alleged controversial issues about the exposed corruption of the church of Roman Catholic.

Duterte told the crowd, “Huwag ang lalaki, may bayad ‘to. Halik,” he said.

Two women from the crowd come up onstage to receive the book authored by the late Aries Rufo.

“Handa ka naman makipaghalikan, halika!” he called to her.

Duterte hand over the book to one of the two women went up onstage. Then the woman took the hand of Duterte to bless on him.

“Huwag kang mag-amen-amen dyan. Halika dito! Ang beso-beso?” Duterte told the woman, while pointing to his pouted lips.

After receiving the book, the woman was about to go down, but the President Duterte asked her to stay.

“Dalaga ka?” asked Duterte.”

“Hindi. Married po,” replied the woman.

Duterte asked the woman if her husband was there. No, replied the OFW.

In a hand gestures, Duterte, pabirong tinanong nya ang OFW kung kaya nya ba humalik sa kanya, and he also said tell your husband that it’s just a joke.

The crowd responded with loud cheer when Duterte kissed the married Pinay OFW.

Duterte clarified, “Huwag ninyong dibdibin ‘yun. Ano lang ‘yun… pampasaya ng mga tao. Gimmick”.

But most of the people on the online world found it unbecoming of a President causing the video went viral in social media after posting.

Watch Video here:


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