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VIRAL VIDEO of MMDA vs. Girl Rider Not Wearing Helmet “Dahil May Ulam na Laman ang Helmet”

The video captured by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is making rounds on social media following after the incident taking place in Visayas Avenue in Manila where the driver of the motorcycle was caught by the MMDA due to non-wearing of helmet violation as compliance to all motorcycle riders to wear in the city when they used to ride motorcycle.

The MMDA stopped the driver of the motorcycle after seeing the girl in the backseat not wearing helmet but placed her helmet under her arm. When the two get down from the motorcycle, the girl immediately became irritated complaining that the enforcer was laughing at her.

The enforcer explained the complaint process they’re committing as traffic violation due to non-wearing of helmet. The driver of the motorcycle explained to the traffic enforcer the reason why his girl riding with him in the backseat was not wearing her helmet because the helmet contains viand (an item of food) inside in it. The enforcer explained that the helmet is for their head protection not for the food item to keep.

Aside from the non-wearing of helmet violation, the girl was cursing the MMDA enforcer prompting them to issue ticket for the said violation.

You will see on this video that the girl became more aggressive after learning that one of the MMDA was capturing the moment on his body cam and attack the MMDA member who took video on the incident.

When this video uploaded, it became viral that garnered more than 6.7 million views and hundreds of thousands of share on various blogging sites.

Watch video here:

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