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Meet Mari-Chiu Japan’s Legendary Baby Face that Looks 10-Year-Old at Her Age of 22

Everyone desires to maintain a younger looking face, the reason why most of teenagers today buy beauty product to defy aging. In pursuit of maintaining youthful look, in spite of the fact how hard doing it yet there are thousands of ladies of our generation up to the end of the world who can prove that women truly defy the laws of aging.


In the Philippines, to name a few from the country’s celebrities who can prove defy the law of aging includes Gretchen Barretto, Dawn Zulueta,  Lucy Torres and a lot more look still gorgeous despite of their age.


In Japan, the well-known bikini model dubbed as “Legendary Baby Face of Japan” Mari-Chiu proves herself how to defy the natural law of aging and was able to maintain her younger look that last for a long time.

Mari-Chiu earned her popularity not only because of her perfectly toned body figure but because of her hypnotic beauty on her baby face. When you look at her, you think she is only 10-year-old but the fact is she is already 22-year-old born on October 8, 1995.


Take a glance for her photos attached to this post, aside for her perfect beautiful body that everybody wishes to have, at her age of 22, Mari-Chiu has her face look like a 12-year-old.

When you meet her, you will think that the 22-year-old Mari-Chiu manifest in a 12-year-old girl the very reason men all over the world that knows her can’t stop admiring her beauty.

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