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Gold Digger Girlfriend Took Everything and Left, Married another Guy @ Raffy Tulfo in Action

Raffy Tulfo in Actio gives help to Filipinos who are in trouble. This program reaches out Filipinos here and abroad giving public service like no other. Here’s another episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action.

The complainant is Security Guard who had a gold-digger Lady Guard girlfriend named Melody Banyola who is very beautiful, the one the complainant loved to the extent that he gave everything including money and gadgets like laptop, cellphones and even motorcycles. His girlfriend fooled him and promised a love that is a lie. The complainant sold his properties, lend money and even pawned his land just to provide the requests of his beloved girlfriend. Without his knowing, his girlfriend had another guy whom she married secretly. The complainant is left empty handed.

For more details, please watch the full video below.

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Credits to: Raffy Tulfo in Action, Facebook

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