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Viral Now! Corrupting Minors 13-Year-Old Pregnant to Wilmer Lacaden @ Raffy Tulfo in Action

To love someone is not a crime, but loving a minor is something of accountability against the law in our country.

Tatay Manuel De Leon Jr. from Pangasinan comes to “Raffy Tulfo in Action” asking help to rescue his 13-year-old daughter who was allegedly corrupted by the husband of his sister in law (bilas na lalaki) in dialect. The man is identified as Wilmer Lacaden, 41-year-old.

According to Tatay Manuel, her daughter is innocent in the since that she is only 13-year-old but Wilmer gives her financial and material support the reason they get closed each other.

On phone, Wilmer admitted that they have relationship and a father of the baby conceived by minor victim.

On the other hand, Idol Raffy Tulfo reacted via phone patch from Chicago Illinois commenting that Wilmer must put behind bars in the ground of corrupting minors.

One of idol Raffy staff was asked to assist Tatay Manuel to go back to Pangasinan and rescue his daughter and make sure not to go back to office without ensuring that Wilmer must be in jail.

During the confrontation of Tatay Manuel and Wilmer with her daughter, her daughter was seen on video not willing to go home with her father, Tatay Manuel.

Prior to the encounter, idol Raffy has anticipated that his daughter was brain washed by Wilmer the reason she was not willing to go with tatay Manuel.

To get the full story, click video here to watch then share your thoughts on the space provided below and let’s see who will react with your comment.

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