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Watch: Raffy Tulfo in Action on December 13, 2017 Episode #pleasecomebackdaughter

Shiela Migue Te OFW from Saudi Arabia asked for help to rescue her 16 year old daughter, Alyana Migue Te from her boyfriend JB Silva who is 21 years old. Shiela rushed home to the Philippines just to see her daughter because she was worried that something bad might happen to her.  According to Alyana, she left home because her brother said that he would be happy if she will leave the house. But Alyana’s brother reasoned that he said it out of anger because she always stay late outside at night and sometimes Alyana sleeps in other places that it made him worried so much. Shiela and her son begs Alyana to come back home.

But Aryana refuses to go home without her boyfriend.

With an immediate response to the problem, Raffy Tulfo called Capt. Orlando Fangena, OIC Calindog Iloilo, PNP to ask them rescue Alyana from her boyfriend.

Alyana was rescued and the next day she was interviewed by Raffy Tulfo in person to be advised and helped her go back to her school. Problem solved.

Please click the link below to watch the video.


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