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Watch! Poor Taxi Driver Randy Calali Abused by Girlfriend April Granada in “Raffy Tulfo in Action”

Another episode of “Raffy Tulfo in Action” features a poor taxi driver Randy Calali who was abused by his girlfriend April Granada, a single mom with two children to another boyfriend.

According to Randy, he wanted her girlfriend April to apologize him publicly and clear all the issues between them so that he can move on with his life.

Randy said, he was abused by her girlfriend to stand as the source of financial need to provide butter and bread with her two children but April did not pay attention with Randy as her boyfriend in the since the April had an affair with another guy who’s pictured appeared in this footage.

During the on air interview with Idol Raffy Tulfo, April denied that she has an affair with Randy. But the Action Man made it clear to investigate Randy and let this guy proved on air that they have an affair with April. The testimony of Randy was very detailed to the fact that Idol Raffy believed that Randy told him the truth.

Watch video here below and share your comments the let’s see who will agree with you and who will disagree.

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