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Jessica Nam Floresca’s Statement about Truth behind Franco’s Drowning Incident

The girlfriend of late hashtag member Franco Hernandez, Janica Nam Floresca, speaks up the truth about the tragedy that ended Franco’s life in an exclusive interview.

Janica tells the real happenings and possible lapses on the late hashtag member’s drowning incident.

Janica corrects the statement told by the boatmen during UKG interview and Tom Doramal’s side of story aired on Rated K.

She stated that it’s not true that the boatmen reminded them of wearing life jackets. According to the interview, there was no immediate medical attention because he was not rushed immediately to the hospital conflicted to Tom’s statement and Franco hasn’t been prioritized first by the boatmen because they haven’t noticed that he was dying.

Janica saw injuries on Franco’s forehead and on the back of his head. Floresca has no idea why and were did Franco got those injuries she didn’t saw it before the rescuer took him.

Janica added that if only there were no lapses on saving Franco’s life, he would be living until now.

Please watch the video below.

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