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MUST Watch! Irregularities of Globe and Smart Disclosed by Erwin Tulfo

Filipinos were fond of using cellphones and gadgets. These become a part of daily life especially the young generation who were called millennial of today.

According to the 2016 research of Digital Global Overview by “We Are Social and Hootsuite”, fact findings revealed that Filipinos spent an average of 4.17 hours daily on social media and considered top in Asia when it comes to spending time online.

We understand that connecting to the global world required subscription from major provider in the country like Globe and Smart to access the internet. You have to load your phone or gadget from Smart or Globe in order to surf the internet. But most subscribers had a common experience complaining that subscribing here in the country is expensive enough compared to other country. Maybe because, there are only two major telecommunication players in the country, Globe and Smart and it is easy for them to regulate the charges.

Globe & Smart exposed by Erwin Tulfo

Good news, the video you can watch below is one of the footage from Erwin Tulfo revealing the new TelCo investors in the country coming from China. Tulfo said that it is one of the efforts of Duterte administration to invite investors in the country so that Filipino will avail the benefits of business competition. In addition, Tulfo also exposed on how the two giant companies fooling Filipino subscribers.

Watch video here:

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