DSWD Educational Cash Assistance: Agency Speaks on Online Application

The online application for financial help for schooling was addressed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Through a six-week program that will provide the recipients with financial aid for their educational expenses, the Department of Social Welfare and Development aims to help underprivileged students. The students may receive P1,000 to P4,000, according to … Read more

DSWD Educational Cash Assistance: Agency Eyes Possibility of Payout Extension

The Department of Social Welfare and Welfare Development is considering whether to extend the payout. The DSWD Educational Cash Assistance for underprivileged elementary, high school, and college/vocational students was budgeted at a total of P1.5 billion. The program will run for six weeks, with the last payout scheduled for September 24. According to a CNN article, … Read more

DSWD Educational Assistance Online Registration Links

DSWD Secretary Erwin Tulfo indicated that they will no longer recommend walk-in applications for the distribution of financial help for needy students, as occurred over the weekend on the first day of payout, in order to prevent crowding. He also said applicants would be informed by text or email of the time and location of … Read more

DSWD Educational Assistance: Who Can Avail?

Last Saturday, the Department of Social Welfare and Development started giving poor students cash help, inspiring thousands of individuals to go to regional offices around the country. The following people may be able to receive financial help for education under Memorandum Circular No. 2019-11: Victims of displacement or abuse Breadwinners Children of Overseas Filipinos Children … Read more

Leni Robredo Praises Erwin Tulfo’s Response Following the Earthquake

Leni Robredo, a former vice president, acknowledges DSWD Sec. Erwin Tulfo is recognized “for the quick response” during emergencies. In order to conduct a survey, Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Erwin Tulfo traveled to the province of Abra. Leni Robredo, the former vice president and chairman of Angat Buhat, is knowledgeable of this. Robredo … Read more

Erwin Tulfo Tells DSWD Employees to Treat the Clients Right

The Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development instructed the DSWD staff to approach the clients with respect. The current administration’s six-year term in office began on June 30 of last year. As the 17th president of the Philippines, President Bongbong Marcos took the oath of office. The Philippine National Museum conducted his … Read more

Erwin Tulfo Slams Police Brother Harold Boquida and Certain Name Tata

Police brother Harold Boquida and Tata beating up a certain Netizens. According to the Netizens, Harold Boquida and Tata are bullies because his brother is a policeman. They beat up a helpless rider. They continue to beat him up even though he was already on the ground. This happened in La Esperanza, Rizal in Zamboanga … Read more

LIVE: Erwin Tulfo Reacts to Billy Jack Sanchez Challenged

Erwin Tulfo reacts to Billy Jack Sanchez challenged to take drugs, IQ, and psychological tests. Sanchez was featured in Erwin Tulfo’s program on Friday where it was mentioned that Sanchez was allegedly caught carrying marijuana. Billy arguing with the traffic enforcer insisted that he did not commit a traffic violation. He insists that “Yung back … Read more

Just Now: President Duterte No.1 Target na Itumba ng mga NPA

President Rodrigo Duterte is the most wanted and the number 1 target by the NPA to kill, according to Erwin Tulfo. The report said that Malacañang Palace insure the security of the president. Presidential Security Guard (PSG) is now in full alert to guard and protect the president of the Republic of the Philippines. Watch … Read more