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Billy Crawford Receives Born Again Christian Baptism

Christianity religion is no longer a surprise today; we can even witness celebrity people embraces to accept the doctrine far beyond the traditional teaching of Roman Catholic church. Born again Christians increases while Roman Catholic believers constantly decreases this is due to the fact that in the last days those who desires to be saved should obey what is written in the Bible as basis of once salvation.

Filipino-American singer, dancer, songwriter, actor and TV host Billy Crawford receives his rites of Christian baptism by water immersion as required for all to become a born again Christian. Billy is just one among the celebrity embraces the born again Christianity.

Watch Billy’s baptismal video here:


Receiving this baptismal means you’re declaring to leave your Catholic beliefs.

Congratulations bro…. Continue doing the good works to become fruitful in the Kingdom.

Billy Crowford Baptism at Born Again Christian

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