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Arrogant Woman Blocks Ambulance with Dying Patient Inside, Argues with the Driver

Discipline on the road promotes safer travel to bring you to your destination. This is the reason why that before one is granted with professional driver license one should undergo seminar and passes LTO examination to ensure that professional drivers know how to behave on the road to avoid any form of compromises.

Basically, we understand how importance is this compliance to get professional driver license. And being professional you should act to what is called professionalism.

But this woman who has encountered ambulance on the road with a dying patient inside did not gives way to the ambulance to the emergency entrance. Instead of letting the ambulance driver on his way she obstructed him then confronted the ambulance driver trying to prove herself that the ambulance driver is the one who was in the wrong track and mistaken on the road. She started to exchange heated argument and put the poor ambulance driver down.

When this video was uploaded in Facebook under the account of FilipiNews PH, the said video went viral immediately and earns so many comments, like and shares to different micro-blogging sites.

The netizen found this woman arrogant and did not act as to what is expected professional driver as we understand that professional driver knows basic signs and general role on the road that one of them is that the ambulance must be given priorities on his way due to the fact that by nature it carry patient who is maybe dying or maybe is in need of immediate medical attention.

The ambulance driver explained that he turned off the sirens once they are close to the emergency entrance but he also said that he gives a hazard warning in order to let every driver knows that he is on his way to the emergency entrance.

Click this video to watch and understand who among them on the right track.

What can you say? Comments her below and let’s see who among them to agree or disagree with your opinion.

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