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Must Watch! Motorized Katig “Habal-Habal” Motorcycle Racing in Bukidnon

Motorized Katig Habal-habal racing in Quezon Bukidnon caught the attention of the online world following after this video uploaded by “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.”

Marjun Elarco is the promoter of the “Motorized Katig Race.”

According to him, this racing must be promoted so that Filipino will know that we have such talented fellow in the province that can showcase their talent in a unique way of showing their talent.

Mechanics of the racing:

Every contestants must load to the Katig Motorcycle a couple of sack of rice and one passenger who was the muse that serves to cheer the driver and inspired to win the competition. In spite of dangerous competition, muses were excited to participate the racing.

Click to watch video here below:


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