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Viral Video: Old Policeman “Taytayon” Threatens Teenager Siblings by His Gun

This alleged old policeman is making round in social media following after video captured him amidst altercation against teenager siblings to whom alleged old policeman threatens them by his gun.

The video attached to this page shows the portion of incidents in which the old man was caught on camera having his firearm on his hip. (Click image to play video)

According to the Facebook account of Ralph Davenz G. Altea, the man responsible of uploading this video. He narrated that he walks with his sibling along the street of Malibay in Pasay City at around 1pm on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, an incident started when there was a car behind them blowing horn as they’re walking the street. They immediately took their right lane to give way to the car blowing its horn against them.

They were surprised that the vehicle stops to them and the driver drops its window and shouted them saying “Oh ano problema ha!” (What’s the problem guy?).

Ralph narrated that his brother answered the old man saying, “Oh bakit, ano ba problema?” that reply irritated the old man prompted him to pull his gun and pointed to them, he narrated.

Following to the scene were the exchange of heated arguments that provoked the old man to push Altea’s brother and continuous throwing word of cursing. (Click for the Next page)

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