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Watch: Candidate 19 Rachel Peters Answers Q&A portion on Bb.Pilipinas 2017

Watch! Binibini19 Rachel Peters good answer during Q&A portion on Bb.Pilipinas 2017, held last Smart Araneta Coliseum on Sunday, April 30, 2017. Rachel Peters asked, “In Recent, Filipino does an ASEAN Summit, if your word by needs to speak. What would be your message to lead us?

Rachel Peters answer: “I believe that one of the biggest problems that our country faces today is politics, religion, culture. And I believe it was the same problem around the world, and there is something that I want to address. I believe that one people can learn to tolerate each other differences and respect each other opinion. And it will be a stronger nation. Thank you.”

Rachel Peters was crown as Miss Universe Philippines 2017

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Watch the Full Video below:

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