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Ang Probinsyano: Last Episode Ador’s Death Uncovered, Responsible Man Revealed (Watch Video)

After a long period of two year time, the death of Ador was still unsolved and the real man responsible of killing him is yet to unveil.

On the last Monday’s episode May 15, 2017, Colonel Carreon (played by Art Acuña) gives clarification before General Borja (played by Jaime Fabregas) and Cardo, the Probinsyano policeman (played by Coco Martin) about the real scenario on how the incidence transpired during the encounter that caused the death of Cardo’s twin, Ador.

Ang Probinsyano

Col. Carreon revealed that the real man killed Ador was his co-officer Police Inspector Joaquin Tuazon (played by Arjo Atayde).

Carreon added that Joaquin insured Ador’s death by shooting him of multiple bullets.

Gen. Borja thinks deeply on how the incidences link together and pointed to Joaquin as the one responsible of killing Ador. Aside from that, the investigation leads to discovering that Joaquin was involved in a drug syndicate and other illegal operation, he said.

On the other hand, Cardo’s reaction was noticeably that he has something in his mind, playing on how he can revenge the death of his twin.

The rest of the story of “Ang Probinsyano” can be watched on ABS-CBN Prime Time Bida after “TV Patrol.”

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