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17-year-old Student Luise Ramiscal Slams Jason Abalos After an Alleged Messages

Kapamilya actor Jason Abalos recently became viral on Facebook and Twitter after he allegedly offended a 17-year-old student named Luise Ramiscal. An anonymous person then direct messaged her on Twitter and told her that a friend of hers was a victim, too.

According to a Twitter user “baby doll+”, This Filipino actor kept on calling me so I answered only to hear such disgusting words coming from his mouth.

“I have a recording of the Phone call. I hope your girlfriend will find out about the sh*t you do. She doesn’t deserve someone like you,” she added.

Jason Abalos is not yet releasing any statement about the issue.

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Here are the screenshot messages of Jason Abalos and Luise Ramiscal.

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