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DLSU Student Jumped From the 20th Floor; Commited Suicide at Andrew Hall

Just two days ago we heard about the RTU student who jumped off from the 5th floor of SM Megamall. Just now, a female accounting student jumped at the Bro. Andrew Gonzalez Hall from the 20th floor at De La Salle University. There were still no valid but the incident was seen to be an alleged suicide.


The Lasallian, the official acoount of the publican posted a series of tweets. When most of the students and faculty are frighten to the said incident.


Just as after the incident, a text message has been going round and went viral after the incident. As the victim jumped he held on the 5th floor but failed due to the not able to contain the force so her arm got cut off. Due to the pressure and height from where he fell, her body was cut open bringing her organs in the ground. There were still no official findings to the said incident and it still for investigation.

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