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“Stop the Issue” : Senator De Lima’s New Lover Warren Cristobal’s Family Affected

The family of Warren Cristobal, the alleged new lover of Sen. Leila De Lima wants to stop the issue as it already affects his family.

President Rodrigo Duterte has alleged him as the new lover of Senator De Lima and became the talk of the country nowadays.


The alleged man was identified and named by the President as “Warren” and works in Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

In a recent report from GMA News, a video came out and exposed the ‘ice bucket challenge’ of the Senator and the man who spilled the water to De Lima could be him whom the President refers as ‘Warren’ her new lover.


The issue has brought into the center and the relatives and family of Warren Cristobal showed concern on the effect to his family.

Cristobal’s aunt, Luisa Maniquis, said that the issue has been affecting her kids in school and hope that the issue between Warren and Senator De Lima stopped as there is no truth in this.

Also a friend of Warren Cristobal, Rody Geronimo expresses that it was just a rumor and it should stop.

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