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Read Here: Mariel Rodriquez Pregnancy While Loving Work

Motherhood can’t be replace by any calling here in this world. Admiring such mothers who had showed great faith is one of the things people nowadays should look forward to. Despite of the entertainment and showbiz world, the working-pregnant Mariel Rodriguez had revealed why she still work despite of her risky pregnancy.


Mariel who suffered two miscarriages had become more stronger than ever. When her husband was asked about Mariel to take a break, he stressed out that it i really Mariel’s happiness to work and to stop mourning about the loss and miscarriages she has been into. It i to look for a positive attitude with all of this tribulation.

According to Robin, “Si Mariel kasi, tandaan natin galing siya sa matinding depression,” the action star replied. “Dalawang beses na miscarriages, isang single at isang triplets. Mabigat iyon.”

MARIEL rodriguez

The first miscarriage happened last year March and was followed by another miscarriage six months after. Now, the third one is still in continuous monitoring. There is still no gender. Padilla added, Kahit ano! Babae, lalaki, bakla, o tomboy –wala na sa aking issue diyan. Ang mahalaga ay normal. Ibig sabihin, wala siyang kapansanan,” he shared.

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