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Man Wakes Up In Morgue Then Goes Back To Party

A Russian Man woke up in morgue after a heavy drinking in a party, he was declared dead as local media report. Before the incident occurs, he had been drinking vodka rounds with friends.

A local Khasanskiye Vesti newspaper reported that the man who was mistakenly declared dead passed out of too much drinking. But, there’s no report yet where the incident happened. Khasanky Region is a coastal area in Russia’s Far East, which population is nearly 3500 people scattered over a 4,100 square kilometers territory.

During that time, his friends called out an ambulance and the medical staff declared the man dead before a series of revival. However, the man eventually came back and found himself inside a mortuary freezer.

During that night on the morgue, the place was filled with to its capacity; the bodies were not only on the shelves, but also the floor of the freezer room, where the dead was allocated. At some point the man woke up, didn’t understand what happened and where he was. It was very dark and cold.

He screamed for help and pounding the door. He was noticed by a morgue’s security guard, who reported the situation to doctors. At first nobody believes him, thinking that he only imagining things.

After questioned by doctors and authorities, he goes back to the party and again met his friends that are still drinking and the man who opened the door fainted, Hasanskie Vesti said.


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