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Long-Lost Action Star ‘Dick Israel’ Asking For Help

Known as the one of the hardest yet very astound villain and ‘rapist’ in the world of silver screen, the actor Dick Israel or Israel Ricardo Michaca was found again!

Ricardo Macha

He is a child of a director and at his little age, Israel had joined the world of being an actor. The silver screen has been his life. Israel started as a showing-off-tough actor in his first movies like “I Love You Honey,” starring ilma Santos at Edgar Mortiz.

However, becuase of the slowing down of action movies he decided to joing the movie of television, also. As decades pass in the world of showbiz and real life, everyone exploded with worries and surprise as he arose again finding help because he was one of the fire victim in Caloocan City just this Saturday.


Now, Dick Israel is having the hard time to talk. Yet, he is so happy that no one get injured during the fire. He stated, “Mabilis kumalat ang apoy. That’s life, carry on,”

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  • Makie July 5, 2016, 8:52 am

    magaling na artista. sana may makatulong sa kanyan

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