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Philippines Buried Treasure Codes and Signs (Video)

In Digging the Yamashita Treasure is not very easy.  It may cost your life if you don’t know how to do it in a proper way. JIA (Japanese Imperial Army are very clever that they put a Land Marks like century old Acacia Trees, Kalatsuchi Trees and Bamboos  for them to identify that their treasure was buried there and they put some signs on rocks and stones that serve as directions and warning.

Philippines Buried Treasure Codes and Signs

These are just a Sample Stone Signs that will lead to the vault or where to start digging.

Philippines Buried Treasure Codes and Signs

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To start an operation may cost from hundreds of thousands to millions but it will be tripled or even more once you hit the target. On hitting the jackpot, a proper knowledge must be learned. JIA are very wise that they put traps like bomb, water, falling boulder and poison. You must know the meaning of the signs and codes whenever you encounter stones with markings whether to continue digging or to stop digging or to break this or not. Sometimes on the operation, you may encounter you may find pieces of stones, you may think that those simple stone that was used for blockage. But it’s not, those stones you ignore are the one that will change your lives.

Samples of Danger Signs

Philippines Buried Treasure Codes and Signs Philippines Buried Treasure Codes and Signs

Watch the Video Below:


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  • Fitzgerald September 7, 2018, 10:50 am

    after digging 10ft we have found a stone snake 7ft long and the head is so big like a coconut…and in the top of the head of the snake there is a hole whick three fingers can fit…is not like a ordinary snake it was carve into like a life size snake and have a big eyes on it..its position is horizontal. his head is facing east and the tail to the west..can you tell me qhats the meaning of this sign…thanks

  • Dolores November 25, 2018, 3:36 am

    We dig for septic tank then in 5feet deep we got a rock form heart a solid rock color brown ,not the same the entire hole rock is like a common rock called palanas or gezzo..please tell me what kind of rock is this…is this valuable?the rock is heavy carried in hand not ordinary weigh like common rock…thank you…

  • jun jipolan April 13, 2019, 7:08 am

    my own lot have detected 2 times and it said and have a burried treasure. To verify it I buy my own detector, it detects the same area. So we start digging, at 6 feet, loam soil, at 8 ft a palanas or died yellow stones with yellow sand, at 10 ft we encountered white soil, 3 pcs hard nuggets, like gold round and a hole in the soil, like a big foot print, almost 10 inches dept. whar is the meaning CV of this. Should we continue to dig, ? help us, thank u.

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