Indie Film “Toto” Shows Chasing Dreams Showing on December 17-24


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From Tacloban, Philippines, where Antonio “TOTO” Estares originally came and where Yolanda hits. Toto’s mother has a cancer. Toto works in Manila and tries everything to let his way to be able to go in US and so he can support his family very well since their father died and left them nothing.


Everything turned out to be so wrong when his father promised to petition them right away when he made it to Las Vegas but he ended up as a dishwasher who drank and gambled everything away. The only leagacy left to him is the obsession of the dream which also become his mother’s hope.

Antonio “TOTO” Estares

This is a a very nice movie showing on how to chase our dreams. Starring by, Sid Lucero, Thou Reyes, Blake Boyd, Mara Lopez, Neil Ryan Sese, Bembol Roco, Bibeth Orteza, Liza Dino, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Jelson Bay, Che Ramos, Marnie Lapus, Raul Montesa, Carlo Cruz, David Christopher, Lorenz Martinez, and Sheila Valderrama. Created and directed by John Paul Su.


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