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Read: What Is This Mystery Booth In NAIA Is All About?

Are you even in guessing game when you adn your friends saw this on the NAIA? What’s this booth is all about?

Last November 24, passengers were puzzled by the presence of curtained booths placed at the departure areas of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals. Unknowingly what it is all about.

In an article written by Philippine Daily Inquirr it says, structures are “last look” booths, stated by the Manila International Airport Authority.


However, viraly the private cubicles set up are mainly there to give departing passengers a final opportunity to get and put items prohibited on flight before they pass through the airport’s security screening checkpoints. How intriguing, right?

Meanwhile, just this days, airport security personnel have come under fire for allegedly planting bullets inside carry-on luggage and using such transgression for extortion attempts.

Lots of us are very puzzled on what may happen during this times, since lots and lots of things are happening to our country. Hold on Filipino’s, we can make it!

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