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Tricia Farnacio “Selfie” with Pope Francis Video Went Viral

During the Papal visit in the Philippines on January 16-19, 2015 many of the Filipino citizens have attempted to personally meet the Catholic Church leader hoping from the Pope to bless them and gain spiritual advantages or whatever they wish to get from him.

Out of hundreds of thousands of people have desired to have a personal encounter with the Pope, one among the folks was very luckily to meet the Catholic Church leader and not only meet him but this girl was able to take selfie with Pope Francis.

TriciaThe lucky girl in the country who have met Pope Francis at the Villamor Air Base in Tacloban was identified as Tricia Farnacio. She is ill and diagnosed with kidney trouble. According to her she was very happy to be the lucky one out of hundreds of thousands have desired to meet him personally with Pope Francis.

She took her social media account and shared photos of her happiness that went viral after it was posted in Facebook.

However, her mother, Patricia Farnacio believes that after her daughter received the blessing from Pope Francis, there faith became stronger and hope that her daughter will back to her normal health condition and live as normal.

Watch video of Tricia Farnacio meeting with Pope Francis:

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