PBB Updates: Loisa Andalio Pointed Knife Against Manalo Pedrosa (Watch Video)


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Loisa AndalioInside the famous yellow house of Pinoy Big Brother All In edition Loisa Andalio was seen pointing a knife to one of her fellow housemate identified as Manalo Pedrosa. Because of the incident took place inside the PBB house, the netizens were looking forward of speculating that Loisa Andalio who was dubbed as “Talented Darling ng Pasay” will be finalized by Big Brother of a force eviction as what happened last edition of “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash” where one of the housemate Eslove Briones was seen raising a knife against fellow teen housemate Tricia Santos and finalized of a force eviction.

Big Brother considered this act as a serious violation although Loisa was doing it playfully; but it was of the same situation that Eslove Briones was evicted.

Recent report said, Loisa was slicing a cake that time then, Manolo approached her as if trying to stop her from eating it.

Watch Loisa Andalio points a knife to Manolo Pedrosa:


Watch here Eslove Briones raising knife against Tricia Santos:


This year’s PBB edition, the first forced evicted housemate was Cess Vissitacion, if ever Loisa Andalio will be evicted from the yellow house, she will be the second forced evicted housemate after Cess Visitacion. Don’t miss watching the most trending reality show of ABS-CBN Kapamilya Network on Primetime Bida after “Aquino & Abunda Tonight” weekdays.


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