Phoemela Baranda Denies Anne Curtis Slapping Incident [VIDEO]



The recent issue alleging the TV host actress Anne Curtis in a slapping incident at the bar of Fort Taguig evening on November 23, 2013 is still one of the hottest topics on social media. Comments coming from the Filipino netizens show how the incident affects to the actress.

In spite of the effort of Anne Curtis to neutralize the issue in the interne, still the netizens would prefer to follow the hot and trending issue of Anne Curtis’ slapping rampage in the bar.

Last night, November 4, 2013 in Bandila, one of ABS-CBN episodes in the evening time hosted by Boy Abunda, Phoemela Beranda who was alleged one of the victims of slapping incident by pointing Anne’s finger to her face and saying to her “I can buy you, Your Friends and this Club” that becomes viral also in social media, she appeared on the evening show and made her official statement denying the incident.

Some other celebrity friends of Anne Curtis appeared on the show, and made official statement in favor to Anne Curtis.

According to Sam Milby, the incident is not good to talk about, you should have to look on her status being professional person, what was happening whether good or bad people should not judge.

“It’s Show Time” host Vice Ganda has also made statement giving advice and comfort to Anne Curtis saying not to pay much attention about the incident, that is stressful and something you get nothing of that, so much better to pour out your sentiment in crying, pray and wait until the issue will disappear.

Meanwhile, if there is no truth about the trending issue of Anne Curtis slapping incident, why is it that the she made sorry in her Twitter account and text messages?


You can watch the video here below…


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