Netizens Wanted Senator Enrile to Answer Senator Miriam Santiago’s Accusation [Viral Video]


Juan Ponce Enrile

After the side-by-side blasting word war in the senate between the two veteran senators Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile and Senator Miriam Santiago, the netizens are now asking Senator Enrile to answer and clarify if the accusation of Senator Santiago against him.

Previously, during the privilege speech of Senator Enrile he has made a charged against Senator Santiago and uses the word “inane, obsessive hater” to describe her attitude.

Lately on December 24, 2013, in a privilege speech of Senator Santiago she answered the allegations charged against her during Senator Enrile’s senate privilege speech. She has mentioned earlier that Senator Enrile is a murderer and master mind of the pork barrel scam.

The two senators are setting their mode at war. Because of that many were affected that they could not even solve bigger problems of the citizens. The netizens are now lifting voices against Senator Enrile to answer the accusation of Sanator Miriam Santiago.

Watch Video here below…


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