Marian Rivera in “Kapuso Adopt-A-Bangka Project”



Kapuso Adopt-A-Bangka Project is launched based on the personal conviction of the Kapuso Prime Time Queen Marian Rivera.

Its thrust is to help fishermen who are victim of the typhoon in the province of Cebu in order for them to rise up again from the fall wrought by the super typhoon Yolanda.

The 29-year old Kapamilya star believed that through this mission of giving Bangka to the fishermen in the island of Cebu province they can continue their livelihood to survive their family.

The “Adopt-A-Bangka Project” will be coordinated with the effort of GMA Kapuso Foundation and the manner of giving the project to the end recipient is based on the record actually conducted by Marian’s group in the islands.

Marian Rivera featuring the Kapuso Adopt A Bangka Project

According to Marian Rivera Bangka worth ranging P15,000 – P30,000 to be given to every qualified families based on their previous survey.

There are many relief efforts given by the Kapuso actress that is not known to the public, but this time, Marian Rivera has requested the media in order to put this project into writings for documentation and she wanted to publicize this project upon distribution.

Among other people behind the “Adopt-A-Bangka Project” are the friends of Marian Rivera; Anna Marie Tan and Oliver Amoroso.


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