NIKE Kobe 9 Elite Latest of Kobe Bryant: Solution to Ankle Injuries Inspired by Manny PACMAN Pacquiao


Kobe Shoe

Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers superstar, has been thinking of creating a basketball shoe that could spare him from usual Knee and Ankle Injuries. Lately, Kobe Bryant has failed to showcase his athleticism due to a very painful Ankle Injury “Achilles“.

Kobe and Nike management totally understood that the NBA superstar’s continuous shoe innovation was not a failure, instead, the past evolution of Kobe’s Nike shoes could not completely leverage the extreme physical effort exerted by the superstar in every game that he has played.

Kobe Shoe
NIKE Kobe 9 Elite, the latest model

Kobe Bryant, as a huge fan and Nike’s co-endorser of Manny Pacquiao, has wondered why the boxing Hall of Fame can actually move very fast on his feet without hurting them since he started using Nike Boxing Shoes for many years. Bryant and Nike had thought of replicating Pacquiao’s boxing shoe into a full court basketball shoe, the Kobe 9 Elite.


“I watched him spar and train, watched him moving, looking at his footwork, trying to learn from him, how he uses his footwork,” he added. “I asked myself, I wonder if I could move like Manny in a basketball shoe that looks like his boxing boot.”

Two years had passed when creative director Eric Avar and his team started making this one of a kind creation. The time of waiting has come to an end, as soon as Kobe fitted his new high-tops boxing-like basketball shoe “ Kobe 9 Elite “, he felt very comfortable and very excited to show his fans that he is not just  totally back in his game, but with a thought of breaking his previous records in the NBA.

Coming from an ankle injury on April, Kobe Bryant and his new Kobe 9 Elite will have its first NBA action today with the LA Lakers against the high-action Rudy Gay and his Toronto Raptors.


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