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Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the Philippines (2013 Lists)

As a blogger I am an avid fan of some of the Philippines most popular travel blogs which I followed personally and get inspiration with.

For the past few years since I started to learn on how to appreciate the beauty of natures and the wonders around us, I dedicate myself to find some time, to read about blogs that were maintained by some famous Filipino bloggers..

As a guide, I try to list the Top 10 Travel Blogs which according to my own experience will help me as a blogger, and will surely help the readers of attracttour.com to learn more about travels tips, and places that we longed to visit with, and be proud off as Filipinos.

Top Travel Blogs

Here’s My Top 10 List of Best Travel Blogs in the Philippines: (In No Particular Order)

Ivan About Town by Ivan Henares

Ambot Ah by Marcos

Pinoy Adventurista by Mervin

Byahilo: Ito ang Trip Ko by Enrico

Lakwatsero by Angel

Pinas Muna by Ramil and Edgar

Journeying James by James

The Travel Teller by Olan

The Pinay Solo Backpacker by Gail

The Traveling Feet by Doi

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