CHI, The SPA at Shangri-La Mctan Resort and Spa, Cebu

Shangri-La Resort & Spa
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As you enjoy your holidays in Shangri-La with its comfort and elegance, discover the place of personal peace, enchantment, well-being and unique healing experience of your body and soul. CHI, the Spa at Shangri-La known for a concept of using natural energy, “life force” or energy flow for natural healing methods found in traditional healing practice blended many natural plants, herbs and botanical products with their potent therapeutic properties.

CHI, the Spa, at Shangri-La Mctan Resort and Spa is one of the Filipino traditional treatments that generally practice by many Asian cultures. It is believed by most Filipinos that CHI is a universal life force that must flow freely from the body and when blocked, disease and illness follow. CHI therefore is easily adopted to help maintain good health as well as the soul.

Shangri-La Resort & Spa
Shangri-La Resort & Spa
Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa
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