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Villacar Transit Incorporated is the Major Land Transport Company

Villacar Transit Bus

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Villacar Transit Incorporated is running the Land Transport business and is the biggest company that provides safe services by moving both people and goods to different islands in the Philippines. The company is representing three major Land Transportations in the country. Villacar Transit Inc. was first established in 1968 with the main office in Ceres Road, Brgy. Mnasilingan, Bacolod City, followed by Rural Transit Mindanao Inc. in 1985 and the Bachelor Express in 1985 also.

Villacar Transit Inc. is continue serving the Filipino people in safe and comfortable travel to different geographical location in the Philippine islands and contributes to the economic progress and development of the country.

Follow the link below to see the Ceres Bus schedules:

Bacolod – Cebu vice versa

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