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Shocking news during the wedding ceremony a groom has a plan to reveal his bride cheating affairs with his brother in law. In the video you can witness that a woman is seen kissing a man, which later found out that the boy is the brother in law and the woman is the bride. According [...]

This video shows the actual footage of the incident took place in a certain street in Mandaluyong the two (2) Barangay Tanod against harassing, beating, punching and choking the innocent old man. As you can see from this video, that the old man is just standing at the foot walk that seems waiting for somebody. [...]

Marie May Sese Magtibay a woman who viral now in the social media who is caught with an other man in the hotel which has a video and uploaded in the social media. But lately Magtibay released an open letter addressing to Carlos Soriano and to the netizen stating to know both sides first before [...]

Viral now in social media is the alleged death of the actress Shaina Magdayao according to claims in the internet the actress had been rushed to the hospital because of hyperthyroidism and declared dead on arrival by the doctors in the certain medical institution. Many send their regards condolences in social media especially on facebook [...]

Viral now is an enrage traffic enforcer threatens a rider during their argument. According to the rider he asked why did the enforcer take his keys for unknown reason so he decided to get a video during the conversation. Upon seeing the rider is taking a video while he (traffic enforcer), he was pissed off [...]

Viral now in social media a post of a certain woman who suffers beatings and stitches on her eyebrow after refusing to have s6x with the Alais Danny Boy. She stated that before the mauling she receives some malicious chat massages from alias Danny and asking her to have s6x with him, but the girl [...]

Recently uploaded video in the social media, they you can see a group of youngsters enjoys hurting a certan girl in yellow dress. It seems like they were really proud of what they were doing and even cut her dress to shame her. https://www.facebook.com/2386453988087328/posts/2544175745648484/ Approximately the girls were 4 in number, but what shocks me [...]