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WATCH VIDEO: Groom Shows The Crowd About His Bride And Brother In Law Cheating Affair

Shocking news during the wedding ceremony a groom has a plan to reveal his bride cheating affairs with his brother in law.

In the video you can witness that a woman is seen kissing a man, which later found out that the boy is the brother in law and the woman is the bride.

According to the news the marriage took place at Fujan China last Thursday. In the ceremony the host said that the bride and groom must be ready to take a picture to each other and they the host added that the groom prepared a video.

But upon the video is played the crowed was shocked as they witness the cheating affair of the bride and brother in law.

After that the groom pushed away the bride and in retaliation the bride throws the bouquet to the groom and goes away.

According to the groom he has already suspects that his bride is doing something behind his back and decided to install a CCTV without the bride knowledge and then that is the part he discovered the incident.

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