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Viral now: Woman Mauled And Harassed After Refusing To Have S6x With A Maniac Man Alias Danny Boy

Viral now in social media a post of a certain woman who suffers beatings and stitches on her eyebrow after refusing to have s6x with the Alais Danny Boy.

She stated that before the mauling she receives some malicious chat massages from alias Danny and asking her to have s6x with him, but the girl always rejecting him because of his maniac attitude.

She narrated she goes to her friend birthday and found Danny boy in the party then he (danny) goes near to him touching her legs going up to her private part, the woman do not like his actions and goes away from him, because of that the man was enraged beating her and throw chairs to her which lead to her slight injury.

So now the woman is seeking justice and hoping this maniac will grind its teeth on jail. To all man our their accept if you are rejected and respect every woman you encounter and do not do anything like animals do and dont be a maniac.

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