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Pilipinas Got Talent gives opportunity to aspiring Filipinos who wants their talent to be discovered by showbiz industry. Here’s one astonishing and amazing audition. The contestant in this episode is named Antonio Bathan Jr., 18 years old, who showed his talent of spoken word poetry in Tagalog language. Spoken word poetry is a freestyle poem [...]

Pilipinas Got Talent is a program that lets aspiring Filipinos show their talents. It can be astonishing, funny, amazing, unbelievable and sometimes heart-touching. Here’s one funny audition in Pilipinas Got Talent. The contestant is named Cresencio Estremos Jr., 56 years old from Misamis Oriental he is a fisherman and works in an NGO. One day [...]

Here’s an issue of a Man, abused a dog .A netizen posted picture and video of a poor dog with a bloody eye and broken leg. The name of the dog is Mustapa. The person who abused the dog is named Rod Demaculangan. The owner of the dog is Sheryl Enriquez according Ms. Enriquez, Mr. [...]

The complainant in this episode is a mother who had a child in the custody of her ex-lover’s family. The family of her ex-lover does not want to give the child to the complainant for the reason that the child is too young to be in her mother’s side. The complainant went to Raffy Tulfo [...]

Children should not be treated harshly. There are several types of discipline without dealing so harsh. If a person caught doing child abuse he or she can be put into prison. Even it is your child or even you have the right to do it to him or her, but still it is unmanly to [...]

Raffy Tulfo in Action helps Filipinos in their unbearable issues. This program reach outs Filipinos here and across the globe. Here is another episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action. This episode brings you with an issue about declined wedding. The complainant named Mr. Jim Paul Tan asks hep in Raffy Tulfo in Action because he [...]

This is a story that shows about a daughter with over-protective parents-her real mother and her two aunts. The main character is Gelai portrayed by Michelle Vito. The story begin when Gelai’s mother left home because of a guy and she was hate by her sisters. But one day, Gelai’s mother go returned home because [...]

A man reported to have a very long hair, a 50 year old Vietnamese named Tran Van, an herbalist in Vietnam. He was considered by many as the world’s longest hair even he never let his hair exactly measured and proclaimed by the Guinness Book of records. His hair was about 6.8 meters long and [...]

TV news 5 is a program giving the latest news, important information and public service. It reach outs filipinos who needs help, in and outside the country. Another episode of TV 5 news in Raffy Tulfo in action shows this viral video of company driver punching an employee, caught by the company’s CCTV. The employee [...]

MMK’s Dec. 9, 2017 episode tells about the story of unconditional love portrayed by Alex Gonzaga as Rizza and Hero Angeles as Joel. Rizza has Renal Kidney Failure stage 4 and needs kidney transmittal until she met Joel through text, recommended by Joel’s co-worker. Until such time, they met and were comfortable with each other. [...]