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According to the economist and educator, presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is using illegal drugs. According to Monsod, Bongbong Marcos, or BBM, is a “cokehead,” or someone who consumes cocaine as an illegal drug. Winnie Monsod was previously Marcos Jr.’s economics coach. Winnie Monsod made the allegations just before the election. “Is this candidate [...]

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos has requested his supporters to watch their vote in the election this Monday, May 9. He claimed that as long as there is no sleep to see the election results, they will “win.” This was also his message to his supporters in his most recent video on the upcoming elections. It is [...]

Angel Locsin looks stunning in her latest social media pictures. The artist and philanthropist was photographed posing with pink roses while wearing a pink shirt. She delivered serious advice to Filipino voters in the caption. “Look closely at your candidates, then close your eyes and pray for guidance,” she advised. Angel Locsin recently posted some [...]

“NATALO SI MARCOS” Trending on Twitter

The presidential candidate, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., is trending again on the social platform Twitter. BBM also received support from the religious organization Iglesia ni Cristo, as well as Nur Misuari, the Moro National Liberation Front’s founding chairman (MNLF). BBM, which is leading the pre-election polls, is trending again on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Bongbong [...]

A Kakampink who criticized Iglesia ni Cristo for supporting a “magnanakaw” has apologized. Apparently, several people were dissatisfied to INC’s promotion. One of them is a man named Gener Laserna, who went on Facebook and criticized the mentioned religious organization. “Yung bawal ka daw kumain ng dinuguan,” he added, “pero pwede ka sumuporta sa magnanakaw.” [...]

Because of their political beliefs, two Kakampink supporters criticized and lectured many mall workers. The two women criticized and lectured the two employees for their choice of Bong Bong Marcos. The Kakampink supporters even criticized Marcos for being absent from the situation during the COVID-19 outbreak. Pinklawan supporters even boasted about Vice President Robredo’s accomplishments [...]

Sen. Manny Pacquiao said Saturday that candidates who continue to skip media interviews should be rebuked, stressing that they are all “job applicants.” Pacquiao told the reporter that, “Kung ang isang tao ba nag-apply ng trabaho sa inyo, kailangan niyo talaga ng interviewhin, tanungin, ano’ng programa ang kaya niya.” The boxer-turned-politician stated that he was [...]

Bianca Gonzalez reacted to a hater who advised that the platform be removed. The hater then claimed that does not want to criticize other politicians, which is why the hater expected Bianca’s candidacy would be defeated. The hater even referred to Bianca and the others as annoying. Following that, Bianca presented VP Leni’s program, beginning [...]

Lolit Solis discussed how certain supporters and celebrities are endorsing Vice President Leni Robredo. According to the Showbiz journalist, some of the VP’s followers believe that Leni can fix all of the country’s issues. According to Lolit, this type of advertising would place a huge amount of pressure on Leni and may lead to people [...]

On Thursday, tensions appeared to have developed between supporters of candidate for president Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Vice President Leni Robredo at a mall in Makati City. Both parties displayed their strength as they walked past the Rockwell Powerplant Mall, which was filled with Marcos supporters and Robredo supporters. https://twitter.com/joycebalancio/status/1519562829761757187?s=20&t=qJGXRSHJNbKR9hVnQn0-uA Two groups of “Leni” [...]