Who’s the Gay? Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Spotted Embracing Justin Bieber

The Netizens are asking, Who’s the Gay? Hillsong Pastor Carl Letnz and Canadian singer Justin Bieber are making round on the online world after photos of them uploaded on Facebook by Christopher Robin. The photos uploaded depicted suspicious interpretation to the netizens who are seeing them because one among the photos was seen Pastor Carl … Read more

58 City of Justin Bieber “Purpose World Tour”

  A comeback mark of Justin Bieber Next year on the road in 2016 58-city tour The pop Icon proclaimed his “Purpose World Tour” last Wednesday, which show off on March 9, 2016, in Seattle, Washington, and on July 18, 2016 he will cover March 9, 2016, in Seattle, Washington. Now the tickets is on … Read more

Video: Justin Beiber Saves The Fisherman From The Bear

This funny news from foxnewsinsider.com, the news is about the Russian fisherman attacked by an bear luckily, the singer Justin Bieber saves him from danger. The heroic actor saves the fisherman was named is Igor Vorozhbitsyn, his age is 42 from Northern Russia. He said on his statement that when he was on his way … Read more

Justin Bieber Caught by the Police Drunken Driving with Expired License

Pop star singer Justin Bieber was caught by the police involved in drag racing in Miami Beach, driving with expired license, under the influence of liquor and the police said the singer actor Justin Bieber resisting the police arrest. Police officer arrested Bieber for his violation of driving under the influence of liquor. He was … Read more