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Gretchen Ho Gives Away Bikes to Workers Amid Pandemic

TV host Gretchen Ho gives away bikes to workers to help them with there transportation amid the pandemic due to the limited public transport in Metro Manila.

Ho uploaded a vlog on Friday riding her bicycle along with some of her friends from Katipunan to Taguig, and back to Quezon City. 

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One alternative to those people who don’t have a car to use as transportation is taking a bicycle.

However, is it safe to travel using bikes and go through EDSA?

“The whole trip took three hours”, Gretchen said. Ho also experiences one of the takeaways she had was that the government needs to implement proper bike lanes to accommodate the influx of bikers that would take EDSA as part of a “new normal.” 

Gretchen Ong Ho is a Filipino television presenter and former volleyball player. She played collegiate volleyball for the Ateneo Lady Eagles from 2008 to 2013, where she was a member of the “fab five” who brought Ateneo to their first back-to-back UAAP finals appearances.

Watch her video below: 

As it is in the video, Ho surprised a couple of workers with bicycles to use to go to work. 

A female security guard is one of those who was lucky to receive a bike. She said that she had to stop working cause she could not keep walking for four hours just to go to work, and another four to go home. 

The other person is a supermarket merchandiser, also had the same problem of having to walk hours just to get to his workplace. 


Meanwhile, Ho’s fans felt excited about the fact that Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto liked her post on Instagram.

She shared a picture of her giving the two workers, who featured in her video, bicycles last Wednesday, as part of World Bicycle Day. 

Based on the report from Pep, Sotto liked the post which leads to many fans hoping that the two might have a brewing romance.

The rumors of Ho and Sotto dating began back in December when they were seen watching volleyball games together. However, the two have yet to deny the rumors.

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